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Fashion Accessories

Fashion Accessories is defined by Wikipedia as ‘accessories that can be used with a dress, suit, or other clothing to enhance its design’. A fashion accessory, therefore, is a decorative item worn to add, in a minimal way, to the overall style of an outfit, most often chosen to specifically compliment the style of the wearer and to further enhance the design of the dress, suit or other clothing in which it is worn. Fashion accessories may be used as functional items intended to make dressing easier or more complicated, as ornamental decorative items meant to add to the aesthetic appeal of an outfit, or to draw attention to a specific style or color.

While the exact function of each article of clothing in an outfit will vary depending on what the accessory is, common elements of such an accessory include buttons, zippers or closures, as well as specific areas for features such as belts, stiletto heels or pointed shoes. Although some fashion accessories are intended purely for functionality, many are designed to be worn with particular clothes or to reflect the individual style of clothing that the person is wearing. For example, a pocket watch is usually intended to be worn with a suit but may also be worn with a casual dress, although not as prominently. Similarly, a belt can be worn with a formal outfit but not with a casual one, and a pair of pointed shoes may be inappropriate for a business suit but could be appropriate for a more relaxed leisure suit.

There are several different types of elements that may be found within an outfit to illustrate this, however. Florals, such as orchids, roses, tulips, sunflowers, daffodils and daisies are often used, as they tend to suggest a tropical or idyllic setting, which helps lend to the overall feel of an ensemble. Hats are another popular type of fashion accessories and come in many different shapes, sizes and styles. These are commonly worn to either complement or contrast the style of the rest of the outfit and are often worn with trousers, shorts, skirts, leggings, jeans and camisoles.

Although hat badges were once very much a functional piece of clothing, they have developed over the centuries to become much more than this. Hat badges typically indicate the wearer’s social status, although in the early stages they were used solely for the purpose of identifying the wearer by class. This was particularly true of the upper classes, who were generally identified by a feather or other decorative object pinned to their hats. As time progressed, and especially after the introduction of gunpowder and firearms, hat badges became much more complex and often included everything from a date to a special mark. They were even worn by royalty during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.

Although the primary function of accessories has remained to provide an element of decoration or style, they have also become much more than that. In modern times they are often worn for practical reasons, as well as to protect our heads from the elements. We all need some sort of protection from the cold, rain and sun these days, and hats, bandannas and scarves provide exactly this. Fashion accessories can also be worn to accentuate an outfit. For instance, if you are wearing jeans, then the addition of a vibrant colored scarf can add a lot of character to your look.

In recent years, the accessory has become much more popular. Many people wear watches, belts and other pieces of jewelry to complement their clothes. Scarves and bands are particularly popular, as they can be worn in a number of different ways to accessorize any outfit. Some popular fashion accessories include charm bracelets, which are often worn in groups of three, adding an extra touch of elegance to any outfit. Other accessories that have seen increased popularity include T-shirts, tank tops and jeans.